fraidy's haven

Saturday, April 28, 2007

stopping at 99

this is my 99th and final post here at e-blogger. I have moved to myspace under Fraidy's Haven II. I don't know how to post a link to it,but I'm sure if you go to you can
find it somehow. I just can't do 2 blogs at once. Hell, I can barely post regularly to begin with. So hopefully, I'll see ya there. Fraidy out.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

a fun time

Been awhile since my last post,but work and life has kept me busy.
Friday was my birthday and it was pretty fun. Went to Outback with hubby and the in-laws. Came home and took a nap,then went to karaoke...despite the 20 degree temps and 9 degrees windchill. Drank a bit..but not enough to feel totally miserable the next day. Sang alot...most songs well received. And Lisa,the lady who runs the show, even got my hubby to sing the Beatles "Birthday" for me(which was the best present I got since he never sings). I kinda want to go out and sing again tonight,but it's still cold and I don't think I could drag Bruce out again anyway. I'm hoping the weather warms up soon so he can get back on his motorcycle again. Especially since Friday when I went to the thrift store shopping for clothes for me, I found a pair of motorcycle boots that were his size! They seemed a little pricey at 15.99,but I got them anyway. When I got home I looked at my receipt and discovered they were 12.99 from some discount. Then I looked up the brand name and got really happy...they're called cruiserworks and they go for 229.00 new!!!! I ordered a pair of insoles for them,since they were missing from the pair I bought.And we can get them resoled for not a bad deal at all for a pair of top of the line boots!I also got myself a black hooded sweatshirt which I personalized with official looking university letters which read BLSU...I now have a stage name..Bruce's Love Slave..or BLS for short. I'm getting used to it. Until next time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


With so much needing to be done at work,I dislike the fact that I am forced to take a vacation day when I don't want to. I am allowed to accumulate 363 hours total and when I checked my pay stub last week I was at 356. I earn 6.5 hours time every 2 weeks,so it was a case of use it or lose it. So here I am at home,cleaning,when I would rather be working on what needs to be done at work. And every 2 weeks, I'll have to use another day...until things settle down a bit at work around mid-June and I can use a few days at a time without feeling like I'm swamping Tracy.

Speaking of Tracy...she just bought her very own house Monday :) I'm soo happy for her. It has a large,empty backyard-and Tracy loves gardening (unlike yours truly,who only works with plants as a career and not a hobby) It's a cute little 2 bedroom house perfect for one person with 1 dog and 3 cats. And the best part for her (and me)'s on the same street as the nursery! She can walk to work in 5 minutes. So in winter when there's bad road conditions, I won't feel so pressed to risk life and limb so someone can be at the greenhouse. Also,she can be the first called when the alarm system goes off in the middle of the night. She's cool with that cuz it's 4 hours pay,even if you're only there 5 minutes.

Sunday night was fun...karaoke pajama party, and I won 20 bucks for best pj's! And Lisa (who runs karaoke with her hubby Jim) started a contest of sorts to find me a nickname. Most of the regular singers who go bar to bar with them have nicknames and I told her that I was getting tired of being just plain old Mary,find me something lively,catchy and witty. So far we have...
Bruce's Love Slave-I think NOT!!!
or 2 others based on the fact that hubby is a Frank Zappa fan (which has what to do with me?,hubby doesn't even sing)
Yo Mama
Baby Snakes- I kinda like this one,even though I've never heard the sounds kinda like baby cakes.
or maybe the Scratster, since I adore the Ice Age character Scrat so much, I have one stuck on the dashboard of my truck.We'll see.....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

finally gettin warmer

which is good and bad.....first the good
Bru can finally get his butt off the couch and onto his motorcycle
I can get the wreck of a yard cleaned up
I can drive without a coat on
my furnace can take an occassional break
I can fire up the grill again
the dogs can stay outside and sleep in the sunshine

the bad
since I'm only wearing t-shirts at work,I have to dig out my bras again and wear them
I have to clean up the yard
Bru can get out on his motorcycle
This year,my one project I hope to complete is painting the green garage to match the brown house
No whitewash on the greenhouses yet,so most of the workday when it's sunny,is blown by having to water instead of getting something accomplished
I either have to clean the grill,or go get a new one
In another 3 months,I'll be whining about how hot it is
In another 4 months,I'll be looking at poinsettias again (but on the bright side..I only have nine more poinsettia crops to grow before I retire)

Monday, March 05, 2007


And glad to be back at work,as there is way to much to do this week and not enough time to get it all done. I got babies coming in by the 1000's and no pots filled to put them in. I'm behind on fertilizing and what has been planted is looking a tinge on the pale side....but hey I only have 2 hands and 8 hours a day to get things done,so I'm not gonna stress out over it.I'll take this mountain down one pebble at a time.

Did absolutely nothing all weekend. Except something I haven't done since I was a kid. I put my jammies on Friday night, and stayed in them until Sunday morning. It was great! I'm sure Miss Klass wouldn't agree,since the poor dear has had to spend too much time in bed already.Here's hopin you get back in the saddle soon girlfriend!

And hey hey Jan...hope that bun comes out of the oven soon. I know you can't wait to get back to your man and give him some TLC.

The mega-millions lottery is at 375 million (of course I bought 5 bucks worth of tickets) I told my 2 co-workers if I win, I'll give them each 3 million to walk in the office with me and quit on the spot.That gave us a few laughs for the day just thinking of the stupidvisor's expression if it really did happen.
Well time for me to go make housewife like and toss that chicken/mandarin orange salad for dinner.(Damn oven's broke again so having to get creative on non-baked dinner ideas.)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hump day

I finally dumped my msn dial-up and joined the blazing fast hi-speed world. I liked msn,but it was just too slow.Pages load much quicker now,but I still need to figure alot out. I liked that msn let me and my husband sign onto entirely different pages where we each had seperate favorites. So far,I haven't found a way I can do that with this service.

Hubby is now an officially licensed and insured motorcycle owner. Now the damn thing needs a new battery...ugh.

Work is getting stressful once again. For some reason,management can't get it through their skulls that the greenhouses only hold so much. I got an e-mail from stupidvisor telling me to find room for 150 pots of daffodils that need forcing. The timing couldn't be worse since they'll be around until mid -March and next week I have 10,000 plugs coming in, my co-worker has to find room for 3000 pots next week and the week after I have another 5000 plants due in. On top of that, the plants for this Home and Garden show will be coming back and being held until late April.Plus I have one whole greenhouse that I usually use for outside stuff,crammed full of vegetables in pots. I think the boss believes 15,000 square feet is the space available for growing because that is the square feet of the whole complex. HELLOOOO stupid, after you take out aisles and other non-usable space it equals closer to 10,000. And even then the plants need some space between them or else you end up with buggy stretched out plants.
(sigh) This year I think I'll finally take a week off in June,when all this madness stops.

Time for me to soak my achin back,take a nap and get ready to go sing my cares away for the night.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fat Tuesday

and yeah, I feel fat. All this cold,snow and ice has kept me hibernating inside under covers,eating fattening food, and it's starting to show. Yuck.
I know now that I'm getting old, I can't remember when I last saw my eyeglasses..usually I keep them in my car since I only use them for driving. (I have a spare pair the dog chewed up for watching tv,but it only has one lens) But last week I kept them in my purse because it was so cold they would fog up when I put them on. I must have dropped them somewhere, because they're not here or at work. That sucks because I still have another year before insurance will spring for a new pair, but I have to get my driver's license renewed in April, and I'm pretty certain I won't be able to pass the eye exam this year without I guess I'll have to pay for a new pair myself.
Also a bummer...I knew I should've bought that computer 2 weeks I can't find one with the same features for a price I can afford outright, so high-speed will have to wait a while longer.
Work situation is getting a little better...I'm still pissed about having to grow vegetables. And space is becoming more of an issue with every FedEX delivery. But at least my stupidvisor doesn't feel the need to constantly breathe down my neck anymore and only calls every third day or so and limits her visits to once a week. It may be cold and icky outside, but I have lovely flowering plants and baby seedlings telling me spring isn't too far away.